Today the company Partners för Utvecklingsinvesteringar inom Life Science, P.U.L.S. AB is changing its name to AQILION AB. The name change marks a new phase in the development of the company, with a new strategy and identity. The decision was formally taken at an Extraordinary General Meeting in February, and the name is now registered. In conjunction with the name change, a new graphic profile is being developed that will reflect the new Aqilion strategy and identity.

Aqilion is a Swedish life science company that focuses on pharmaceutical projects with potential to improve quality of life for patients, while generating value for health services and society. Aqilion searches for opportunities – for ideas based on solid research resting on a firm biological foundation, and offering both clinical relevance and patient benefit. The company identifies unique pharmaceutical projects in the early phase of drug discovery and develops them in preparation for clinical trials with the aim of attracting industrial partners and buyers, who in turn have the capacity to continue clinical development and take the product to market. Aqilion provides capital and an experienced team that, along with specialists and innovators, tailors the project organization to each specific project.

The name Aqilion derives from Aquila, the Latin name of a genus that includes eagles. The name of the company symbolizes an astute and versatile organization that can apply the keen-sighted perspective of the eagle with great precision to find the early life science projects that are a perfect fit for the Aqilion business model. Aquila is also the name of a constellation that is visible in the northern hemisphere. The Nordic constellation reflects the potential of close collaboration in networks.

“We have high ambitions and want to act both locally and globally. A strong and clear brand is essential for our success. We also want to mark a new phase in the development and strategy of the company with a name change. The name Aqilion feels right; it is unique and its origin reflects who we are and who we want to be,” says Sarah Fredriksson, CEO, AQILION AB.

More information can be found on the new website,, which is being launched today.

Aqilion is a Swedish life science company that identifies unique pharmaceutical projects at an early phase in the drug discovery process and develops them in preparation for clinical trials. The goal is to demonstrate the clinical and commercial potential of the medical innovation to attract industrial partners and buyers, who in turn have the capacity to continue clinical development and take the product to market. The business model is based on involvement at an early stage and close collaboration with the innovator, regardless of whether the project is initiated by an external researcher, internal development project, or industrial partner. Aqilion prefers projects aimed at niche markets. Specialty medications (high-cost, high complexity and/or high touch drugs) and orphan drugs (drugs to treat diseases so rare that they would be unprofitable to produce without government assistance) are of particular interest.
Aqilion has its headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden. Please visit

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Det svenska företaget Laccure AB har utvecklat en banbrytande produkt inom kvinnohälsa som är effektiv, säker och användarvänlig. Laccures ägare arbetar nu för att avyttra företaget till en köpare med starka resurser för lansering av produkten.

Tillverkningsprocessen för den nya produkten Laccure® Vagitorium har nu skalats upp och den nya produkten är färdig för introduktion på marknaden. Laccure har därför påbörjat arbetet med att hitta ett etablerat företag som är intresserat av att förvärva Laccure och lansera produkten. Laccures styrelse har anlitat Evli Corporate Finance för exitprocessen.

− Vi är stolta över att kunna meddela att det sista utvecklingssteget, uppskalningen av tillverkningsprocessen för Laccure® Vagitorium, en ny antibiotikafri, receptfri produkt för behandling och förebyggande av bakteriell vaginos, är klart. Produkten är därmed färdig för lansering. Ända sen projektstarten har det varit vår målsättning att avyttra Laccure till ett etablerat företag som tar produkten till marknaden, säger Jeanette Robertsson, vd för Laccure AB.

Om bakteriell vaginos

Bakteriell vaginos (BV) är den vanligaste vaginala infektionen hos kvinnor i fertil ålder. Uppskattningsvis drabbas varje år mer än 300 miljoner kvinnor världen över. Idag saknas effektiva och säkra produkter som också är användarvänliga och som kan doseras med låg frekvens. Många kvinnor upplever BV som besvärande och generande, vilket påverkar livskvaliteten negativt. BV är en obalans i den naturliga vaginala bakteriefloran, vilket leder till förhöjt pH-värde, illaluktande flytningar och hämning av den normala laktobacilltillväxten. Många kvinnor drabbas av återkommande infektioner flera gånger varje år.

Om Laccure® Vagitorium

Laccure har framgångsrikt tagit sin patenterade produkt Laccure® Vagitorium hela vägen från innovation till kliniska studier, där 80 % av kvinnorna blev av med sin BV efter endast en dos, och slutligen till uppskalad tillverkning. Den nya produkten är baserad på en patenterad substans som under flera dagar avger mjölksyra och på så sätt reducerar det förhöjda pH-värdet i slidan. Fokus i utvecklingsarbetet har legat på att utveckla en användarvänlig produkt som inte är kladdig, är lätt att applicera och mycket effektiv. Laccure® Vagitorium behöver bara administreras en gång för att behandla en BV-infektion och en gång i månaden för att förebygga infektioner hos kvinnor med frekventa återfall. Produkten är CE-märkt som en medicinteknisk produkt i klass IIa och är avsedd att användas både för att behandla och förebygga bakteriell vaginos. Laccure® Vagitorium är nu färdig för marknadsintroduktion i EU/EES-länderna.

Om Laccure AB

Laccure AB bildades 2007 och är baserat i Helsingborg. Laccure är ett projektbolag inom life science utvecklingsbolaget P.U.L.S. (Partners för Utvecklingsinvesteringar inom Life Sciences). Det ursprungliga utvecklingsarbetet av företagets produkt gjordes vid Lunds universitet och universitetet i Gdansk i Polen. Ytterligare farmaceutisk utveckling och GMP-tillverkning för prekliniska och kliniska studier genomfördes i samarbete med ett antal kontraktforskningsföretag. Laccures ägare arbetar nu för att avyttra företaget till en köpare med starka resurser för kommersialisering av Laccure® Vagitorium.

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För ytterligare information vänligen kontakta
Sven-Inge Svensson, styrelseordförande, Laccure AB,
Jeanette Robertsson, vd, Laccure AB,

The Swedish company Laccure AB has developed a breakthrough women’s health product that is effective, safe and user-friendly. Laccure’s owners are now aiming to divest the company to a buyer with appropriate resources to launch the product.

The manufacturing process for the new product Laccure® Pessary has now been scaled up and the product is ready for market introduction. Laccure has therefore initiated a search for an established company interested in acquiring Laccure and launching the product. The board of directors of Laccure has retained Evli Corporate Finance for the exit process.

“We are proud to announce that the final development stage, the up-scaling of the manufacturing process, for Laccure® Pessary, our new, antibiotic-free, non-prescription product for the treatment and prevention of bacterial vaginosis, is now completed. The product is thus ready for launch. Our objective from the start of the project has been to sell Laccure to an established company that will take the product to market,” says Dr. Jeanette Robertsson, CEO of Laccure AB.

About Bacterial Vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age and it is estimated that more than 300 million women worldwide are infected each year. Today there is a lack of effective and safe products that are also user-friendly and can be dosed with low frequency. Women are often embarrassed at having BV and their quality of life is negatively affected. BV is an imbalance of naturally occurring vaginal bacterial flora, resulting in a lack of vaginal acidity, discharge with a pronounced foul odour and inhibition of normal lactobacilli growth. Many women suffer from frequent recurrences several times per year.

About Laccure® Pessary

Laccure has successfully taken its patented product from innovation all the way through successful clinical studies, in which 80% of the women were free of their BV after a single dose, to up-scaled manufacturing. The new product is based on a proprietary substance that releases lactic acid over several days to decrease the elevated vaginal pH. The development work has focused on creating a user-friendly product that is not messy, is easy to insert and highly effective. Laccure® Pessary only needs to be administered once to treat a BV infection, and once a month as prevention for women with frequent recurrences. The product is CE-marked as a Class IIa medical device and its intended use covers both treatment and prevention of BV. Laccure® Pessary is now ready for market introduction in the EU/EES countries.

About Laccure AB

Laccure AB is a Swedish company, founded in 2007 and based in Helsingborg. Laccure is a project company of the life science development company P.U.L.S. The initial development of the company’s product was carried out at Lund University, Sweden, and at the University of Gdansk, Poland. Further pharmaceutical development and GMP manufacturing for preclinical and clinical studies were performed in collaboration with a number of contract development organisations. Laccure’s owners are now aiming to divest the company to a buyer with appropriate resources for the launch of the Laccure® Pessary.

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For more information please contact
Sven-Inge Svensson, Chairman of the Board, Laccure AB,
Dr. Jeanette Robertsson, CEO, Laccure AB,